MUSICAL JOURNEY (A) - PARIS: The Seine, Les Tuileries, Opera, Sacre-Coeur, The Louvre


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- (Disc 1)

The Places

The tour of Paris starts with the Eiffel Tower and includes the famous landmarks of the French capital, the Churches of Notre-Dame and the Sacré Coeur, the Opéra Garnier and the great river, the Seine, that runs through the city. The tour ends with a nocturnal view of Paris and an excursion to Chartres, with its magnificent cathedral.

The Music

Music for the tour is by Beethoven, who at one time seemed to hope for employment in Paris. His "Eroica" Symphony was at first intended as a celebration of his one-time hero, Napoleon, but reflected in the end his disillusionment when Napoleon had himself crowned as emperor. The music used also includes Beethoven's Coriolanus Overture, written, not for Shakespeare's play, but for a contemporary drama by Heinrich von Collin.

Part 1

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