DONIZETTI, G.: Lucrezia Borgia (Teatro Donizetti, 2007)



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- (Disc 1)
Lucrezia Borgia
Libretto/Text Author: Romani, Felice
Libretto Source: Hugo, Victor

Apostolo Gazella: Dall'Amico, Luca
Ascanio Petrucci:
Jeppo Liverotto: Scarpellini, Livio
Lucrezia Borgia: Theodossiou, Dimitra
Maffio Orsini: Palacios, Nidia
Oloferno Vitellozzo: Manfrin, Giovanni
Rustighello: Albani, Luigi

Set/Stage Designer: Sala, Angelo
Costume Designer: Aceti, Cristina
Lighting Designer: Alfieri, Valerio
Stage Director: Bellotto, Francesco
Sound Engineer: Trasi, Rino
Television Producer: Dellepiane, Alberto
Television Director: Ricchetti, Matteo

Date of Production: 02-12-2007
Festival: Bergamo Music Festival
Venue: Teatro Donizetti, Bergamo
Playing Time: 02:18:20
Catalogue Number: 2.110264
UPC: 747313526451

Based on Victor Hugo's most sensational play, Lucrece Borgia, a scandalous tale of murder, torture, incest, homosexuality, drunkenness and orgies, Donizetti's opera is one of the great masterpieces of Italian bel canto repertoire. While omitting some of its more excessive elements, the libretto by Felice Romani inspired Donizetti to compose superb arias, duets, ensembles and choruses, bringing each act to a stirring conclusion. Beautifully costumed and designed, brimming with high drama and pathos, this production stars in the infamous title role Greek diva Dimitra Theodossiou, praised for her stupendous acting and singing in Donizetti's Roberto Devereux.

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