MUSICAL JOURNEY (A) - GERMANY (Majestic Marches): A Musical Visit to Kulmbach and the Tin Soldier Museum


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Tin Soldier Museum, Kulmbach-Plassenburg

The Places

On a hill above the ancient town of Kulmbach stands the imposing 12th century Hohenzollern fortress of Plassenburg. Among various collections on display is the remarkable Tin Soldier Museum, with various figures and dioramas that re-create battles and mirror the great castle itself, with a variety of scenes from all period of human history.

The Music

The March has an inevitable part to play in human history. Marco Polo remarked on the use of music by the armies of China to terrify the enemy before a battle. Military music, however, has a more precise purpose, whatever alarm it may strike into the hearts of those who hear it. Drums and trumpets may serve as useful signals, to advance or retreat, to eat or to sleep. The same instruments and their near relations may serve to keep an army moving together, and may serve to inspire feelings feelings of bravery and patriotism. At the same time a march can provide a suitable accompaniment to an occasion of solemnity, a wedding, a funeral or a state economy. The music chosen for this tour offers a series of Marches by different composers, culminationg in Mendelssohn's Wedding March

Part 1

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