MUSICAL JOURNEY (A) - AUSTRIA / BELGIUM: A Musical Visit to Salzburg and Vienna, Brussels and Tournai


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- (Disc 1)

The Places

The tour relates to the life of Mozart, from his native Salzburg to his final precarious independence in Vienna. There are glimpses of the Salzburg Church of St. Peter and of the Cathedral, with which Mozart of his father, members of the musical establishment of the ruling Prince-Archbishops of Salzburg, were closely concerned. Memorials of Mozart and other composers are seen in Vienna, while a brief detour to Belgium to the idiosyncratic Musee Wiertz and to the Tournai Musee des Beaux Arts, brings another aspect to the journey.

The Music

Mozart's Requiem Mass was commissioned anonymously in July 1791 by Count Franz Walsegg zu Stuppach, who sought to commemorate the recent death of his wife by the performance of a work of this kind that he might, at least by implication, claim of his own. An initial fee of sixty ducats was paid, with promise of a further sum when when the Requiem was complete. But in November Mozart was taken ill and within a fortnight he was dead. His widow, Constanze, who needed the rest of the fee for the work, asked Joseph Eybler, who has assisted Mozart in rehearsals for Cosi fan tutte, to finish the composition and the scoring. He later gave up the task and the unfinished score finally came into the hands of Franz Xaver Sussmayr, so that the best known form of the Requiem is that started by Mozart, continued briefly by Eybler and completed by Sussmayr.

Part 1

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