LOKUMBE, H.: Can You Hear God Crying? (Chandler-Eteme, Dixon, Holloway, The Celebration Choir, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Brosse)


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- (Disc 1)
Conductor: Brosse, Dirk

Can You Hear God Crying?

Venue: Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia
Playing Time: 01:11:42
Television Director: Conant, Matthew
Catalogue Number: 2.110357
UPC: 747313535750

Award-winning composer and trumpet player Hannibel Lokumbe is a leader in expressing the Aprican-American experience through his orchestral and choral music, with a special focus on civil rights leaders. Can You Hear God Crying? is a spiritatorio which takes us on a journey from hardship and suffering to healing and celebrations of courage and peace, told through the forced migration aboard a slave ship endured by Lokumbe's great-grandfather Silas Burgess. Combining jazz, gospel and chamber music together with West African prayers and songs, this is both a moving commemoration and a spectacularly festive event which faces past and present with honesty and deep spiritual understanding.

Part 1

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