MUSICAL JOURNEY (A) - SCOTLAND: Edinburgh, the Highlands, and the Hebrides


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Scotland: Edinburgh, the Highlands and the Hebrides

The Places

Our tour of Scotland takes us from Edinburgh, with its castle, Scott monument and Palace of Holyrood, to the Highlands and then to The Hebrides, recalling the journey undertaken by the young Mendelssohn.

The Music

In 1829 Mendelssohn visited England and, after the summer season, travelled north to Scotland, accompanied by his friend Karl Klingemann. In Edinburgh he visited the Palace of Holyrood, recalling the tragic story of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the murder there of her secretary David Rizzio. Further north he took the steamer to the island of Staffa, where he saw Fingal's Cave and in spite of sea-sickness immediately sketched the opening theme of his Hebrides Overture. It was not until 1842 that his Scottish Symphony was completed, a work inspired by memories of his visit to Scotland

Part 1

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