REISEWEGE ZUR BIBEL 2: Paulus - Botschafter des Glaubens


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Reisewege zur Bibel 2: Paulus - Botschafter des Glaubens

Year of Production: 2008
Playing Time: 01:00:04
Catalogue Number: 210.043
UPC: 4010276400431

This video reenacts the third and fourth missionary journeys of Paul as he travels through Corinth, Troas, Philippi, Jerusalem, Caesarea, and finally Rome. This video contains remarkable features such as scenes and locations from the early times and historical explanations of the Biblical events. This includes interviews with the experts Prof. Dr. Helge Stadelmann (Director of the Free Theological Academy, Giessen) and Dr. Volker Gackle (Director of the seminar to help the Liebenzeller Mission).

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