DONIZETTI, G.: Rita, ou Le mari battu (Opera Royal de Wallonie, 2010)


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- (Disc 1)
Rita, ou Le mari battu

Venue: Royal Opera of Wallonia, Liege
Playing Time: 00:53:49
Catalogue Number: 33741
UPC: 8007144337414

The thorny subject of marital violence is set against a hilarious backdrop in this one-act farce where, contrary to what we are used to seeing in opera, tenor and baritone do their best to free themselves of the female protagonist, to whom both are married. No doubt, Gaspar's aria on the joys of chastising one's wife in the way she deserves causes a few raised eyebrows nowadays, but the funny side is genuine and the music is brilliant, making of this forgotten little opera a true gem.

Part 1

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