ROSSINI, G.: Inganno felice (L') (Rossini in Wildbad, 2015)


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- (Disc 1)
L'inganno felice
Libretto/Text Author: Foppa, Giuseppe Maria

Solo Flute: Dionis, Tommaso

Set/Stage Designer: Schrag, Robert
Costume Designer: Mobius, Claudia
Lighting Designer: Berry, Nicole
Stage Director: Schonleber, Jochen
Television Director: Ohl, Philippe

Festival: Rossini in Wildbad
Venue: Konigliches Kurtheater Bad Wildbad
Playing Time: 01:30:47
Catalogue Number: 37760
UPC: 8007144377601

This production of L'inganno felice, a semi-serious opera that is quite popular also in our day, was recorded in the summer of 2015 at the Rossini in Wildbad Opera Festival. The performance had a resounding success, thanks to the direction of Jochen Schonleber, the vigorous conducting of Antonino Fogliani and the presence of the bass Lorenzo Regazzo in the role of Tarabotto, the true star of the soiree, supported by a splendid Silvia Della Benetta as Isabella.

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