VIVALDI, A.: Incoronazione di Dario (L') [Opera] (Teatro Regio Torino, 2017)


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- (Disc 1)
L'incoronazione di Dario, RV 719

Date of Production: 2017
Venue: Teatro Regio, Torino
Playing Time: 02:40:00
Catalogue Number: 37794
UPC: 8007144377946

L'incoronazione di Dario is a musical drama in three acts that Vivaldi wrote in 1717 with a libretto by Adriano Morselli. The intricate plot is about the conflict between Dario, Oronte and Arpago for the succession to the throne after Ciro, king of the Persians. Having faced deceptions, betrayals and subterfuge, only Dario succeeds in becoming the new king of the Persians, and thus at the same time, crowning his love for Statira, daughter of Ciro and sister of the treacherous Argene, a dangerous princess ready to do anything to satisfy her thirst for power.

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