MOZART, W.A.: Minuet in C major, K. 409 (Bohm)

MOZART, W.A.: Minuet in C major, K. 409 (Bohm)


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Conductor: Bohm, Karl

Minuet in C major, K. 409

Venue: Grosser Musikvereinssaal, Vienna
Date of Concert: 1971
Playing Time: 00:08:47
Television Director: Kach, Hugo
Catalogue Number: A05501056

Karl Bohm heads the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in this performance of the Minuet, K. 409, written in Vienna towards 1782. It was presumably composed for a performance of the Symphony in C major, K. 338 in Vienna's Augarten in May 1782. Let us recall that the autograph of the Symphony, K. 338, written in Salzburg, contained only the beginning of a minuet, which was then crossed out. The more progressive Viennese public preferred four-movement works, which might explain the origin of this minuet, one of Mozart's most imaginative and beguiling.

Karl Bohm was universally acclaimed for his Mozart interpretations. Though Wagner was one of Bohm's first loves, his friendship with Richard Strauss led to a deep knowledge and appreciation of Mozart. In his autobiography, Bohm wrote that "Richard Strauss revealed to me the ultimate secrets of this, in my opinion, greatest of all musical geniuses, Mozart." Bohm's discovery of these secrets transformed his Mozart interpretations into unforgettable events.

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