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- (Disc 1)
Producer: Gelb, Peter

Ozawa, Seiji - Conductor
Gelb, Peter - Producer
Fromke, Susan - Television Producer
Fromke, Susan - Television Director
Maysles, Albert - Television Director
Maysles, David - Television Director
Dickson, Deborah - Television Director

Year of Production: 1985
Playing Time: 00:56:53
Catalogue Number: CM9319

This 1985 documentary focuses on conductor Seiji Ozawa and the behind-the-scenes world of the symphony orchestra. It communicates the intensity and passion that Ozawa brings to his work as conductor and teacher, and shows him in the context of his relationship with former masters, current students and family. It also explores the cultural tensions that caused him to leave Japan and begin a career in the West.

Part 1

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