GUNS N' ROSES: Sex N' Drugs N' Rock N' Roll


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- (Disc 1)

Guns N' Roses: Sex N' Drugs N' Rock N' Roll
Milward, Clare - Television Director

Playing Time: 01:00:58
Catalogue Number: CVIS325DVD
UPC: 823564501093

Bursting out of the LA rock scene in the late 1980s, Guns N' Roses have come to epitomise everything that a rock n' roll band should be. And the fans love them for it. What other group could go almost 10 years without a new album and still pull massive crowds for every live event? On Sex N' Drugs N' Rock N' Roll we go behind the scenes to discover what it took for Guns N' Roses to become such icons of the genre. Taking the cameras where they've not previously been, we present an uncensored look at a truly exceptional band.

Part 1

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