RAMMSTEIN: Industrial Angels


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Rammstein: Industrial Angels

Playing Time: 00:57:18
Catalogue Number: CVIS354DVD
UPC: 823564502298

As one of Germany's most popular musical exports, Rammstein have forged a bold and original new sound for European music. Fusing heavy metal guitar riffs with techno rhythms and the machine-like fury of the industrial underground, not only does their music rock, they also create one of the most spectacular and outrageous live shows ever seen.

Since their first release, Rammstein have courted controversy, attracting both praise and condemnation in equal measure. In Rammstein: Industrial Angels we go behind the music to discover a story of innovation, discipline, outrage and total dedication to their unique vision. Packed with interviews, this documentary film takes you where the cameras never previously preyed to achieve an uncensored look at one of today's biggest rock bands.

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