STROKES (THE): New York Stories


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- (Disc 1)

The Strokes: New York Stories
Lewin, Charlotte - Television Director

Year of Production: 2003
Playing Time: 01:03:23
Catalogue Number: CVIS358DVD
UPC: 823564502991

New York's finest, The Strokes have been hailed as the "saviours of rock and roll" and are more than proving themselves worthy of the hype. Since exploding onto the scene these east coast reprobates have given rock music the kick it was so badly in need of. Not only have they won the hearts and minds of the music press and alternative crowd, they have also crossed over into the mainstream without sacrificing any of their credibility.

The Strokes' New York Stories now tells the complete and unauthorised story behind the band's success for the first time. Using interviews with their closest colleagues and footage from throughout their career, this is a great addition to every fan's collection.

Part 1

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