QUEEN: Magic Moments


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Queen: Magic Moments

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Catalogue Number: CVIS361DVD

Queen are acknowledged to be one of the pivotal bands of the Rock era. Their distinctive style cuts through the restrictions of genre, and their appeal is timeless. We follow the Queen story from its beginnings in the Rock scene of the late 1960s, through Glam Rock, Bohemian Rhapsody and beyond, to experiments with disco, ballet and opera. Never classifiable, always outspoken, Queen spent twenty years as one of Britain's most intriguing chart phenomena. Theirs is a tale of determination, heartbreak and triumph against all odds, even over death.

Queen: Magic Moments tells the full and ultimately tragic story of this incredibly talented group who pushed the boundaries of Rock. Packed with interviews, this documentary film points the cameras where they have never previously preyed, finally giving Queen the recognition they deserve.

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