HENDRIX, Jimi: By Those Who Knew Him Best


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- (Disc 1)

Jimi Hendrix - By Those Who Knew Him Best

Year of Production: 2004
Playing Time: 00:59:40
Catalogue Number: CVIS368DVD
UPC: 823564504292

Jimi Hendrix is unquestionably the greatest guitarist to have emerged during the Rock Era. He remains the most important influence on up-and-coming players, and with flamboyant stage shows and psychedelic lyrics, he proved to be the ultimate icon for the Love Generation.

But the story of Jimi Hendrix is much more than that of drug-taking hippy who knew his way around a fretboard ... and this film shows it all!

Using exclusive interviews with his closest friends, associates and fellow musicians, this fascinating documentary finally reveals what was behind the greatest musical talent of our time.

Part 1


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