Morrissey - The Jewel In The Crown: Unauthorized


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- (Disc 1)

Morrissey: The Jewel in the Crown

Year of Production: 2004
Playing Time: 01:48:02
Catalogue Number: CVIS373DVD
UPC: 823564504896

Morrissey's influence as a performer, songwriter and cultural icon far exceeds the sales of his records. The living embodiment of alternative guitar rock, he has been worshipped with a near-religious intensity by his fans, while suffering vitriolic abuse from non-believers. Adored by vegetarians, Mexicans and J.K. Rowling and loathed by judges and a musician or two, here is his story.

Morrissey: The Jewel in the Crown documents how he hit the big time first with the Smiths and later as a solo performer. It details his battles with both the media and the people he worked with after his big mouth struck again and again. It tells the story of his exodus from the grey UK to sunny LA, and how after seven years hibernating, Morrissey achieved such a triumphant comeback.

Part 1

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