DEPECHE MODE: Random Access Memory


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Depeche Mode: Random Access Memory
Rinchey, Gail - Television Director

Year of Production: 2005
Playing Time: 01:01:27
Catalogue Number: CVIS388
UPC: 823564506494

For over a quarter of a century Depeche Mode have been making some of the most affecting and groundbreaking music in existence. From the synth-pop innocence of their early eighties New Romanticism to the sombre "no wave" landscapes of their more recent output, this incredible group has been hailed as godfathers to techno, electronica and industrial metal. Having not only survived but also flourished while virtually all of their contemporaries have disappeared, they now command a level of respect from critics, consumers and musicians alike that was unthinkable "back in the day."

Depeche Mode: Random Access Memory is a celebration of their extraordinary achievements and charts the astonishing career of Essex's finest. For the first time, this documentary goes behind the music and discovers what it took for this unlikely group from Basildon to remain such visionary pioneers of the electronic scene for all those years. Using exclusive interviews, rare footage, previously unseen photographs and a host of other features, this film reveals virtually everything anyone could ever want to know.

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