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- (Disc 1)
Burton, Gary - Vibraphone
Cole, Richie - Saxophone
Gordon, Dexter - Tenor Saxophone

Bowman, Bob - Double Bass
Cobham, Wayne - Keyboards
Coil, Pat - Piano
Eubanks, David - Double Bass
Noya, Nippie - Percussion
Schmid, Wolfgang - Electric Bass

Fleurette Africaine (African Flower)
Burton, Gary - Vibraphone
Red Baron
Gordon, Dexter - Tenor Saxophone
Babes in Arms: My Funny Valentine
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What a Little Moonlight Can Do
Cole, Richie - Saxophone
Cole's Nocturne
Cole, Richie - Saxophone

Catalogue Number: DJ-886
UPC: 022891988694

Jazz Legends Live! is a series of live performances from contemporary Jazz artists all over the world in a variety of venues - intimate American Jazz clubs, open air Jazz festivals and concert halls throughout Europe. However, what is consistent throughout the series is the wonderful music, the quality and enthusiasm of the performing Jazz Legends and the appreciation of the worldwide audiences.

Part 1

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