FRANK SINATRA SHOW (THE): With Ella Fitzgerald


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- (Disc 1)

Norvo, Red - Vibraphone

Venue: Palm Springs, California

The Frank Sinatra Show: With Ella Fitzgerald

Catalogue Number: DM-2501
UPC: 022891250197

In 1957 Timex sponsored a series of TV Variety Show Specials starring Frank Sinatra broadcast on The ABC Television Network.

This show as taped on December 10, 1959, a rare rainy day in Palm Springs, California, hence the improvised sets and the cast ribbing Sinatra about his grand idea of filming in "sunny" Palm Springs. At the time Sinatra was dating guest Juliet Prowse, who was starring with him in the movie Can-Can. The special guest star is Ella Fitzgerald and this program, remastered from the archive tape of the broadcast, is the original show in its entirety including the sponsors promotional segments. While the quality of reproduction may not meet modern technological standards, it is a rare record of two of the most popular performers of the Twentieth Century performing together.

Part 1

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