VINTAGE REGGAE BASH (Brooklyn, 1983)


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- (Disc 1)

Big Youth, - Vocals
Boothe, Ken - Vocals
Romeo, Max - Vocals

Venue: Empire Roller Skating Center, New York

Vintage Reggae Bash

Catalogue Number: DRG-230
UPC: 022891023098

Consisting of footage from an incredible Reggae festival held at the historical Empire Roller Skating Center in Brooklyn, New York, circa 1983. It includes sets from legendary artists such as Big Youth, Leroy Sibbles, Ken Booth, Delroy Wilson, Tinga Stewart, Roman Steward, the Blues Busters (Llyod Campbell and Phillip James) and Max Romeo. The 30,000-square-foot venue, a go-to spot for skate-world renegades in the early '70's, was de facto community center where teenagers came after school and where families spent the weekend. It was the perfect place to host a historically important music event such as this.

Part 1


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