RADIOHEAD: Collector's Box


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- (Disc 1)

Radiohead: Homework
Roll, Frederick - Television Director
Radiohead: OK Computer - A Classic Album Under Review

Playing Time: 01:47:14
Catalogue Number: DVDIS011
UPC: 823564512495

With so much coming out of the music industry that is shallow, uninspiring and downright dull, it's more than a little refreshing when a band does things a bit differently. In the case of Radiohead - who do things differently - it's not just refreshing, it's life changing!

Radiohead: The DVD Box contains two separate documentary films about the band. The first looks at Radiohead's entire history from their university days through to the global success they have achieved today. The second is dedicated to the story of the making and impact of their most enduring work, OK Computer, the album that proved to the world that these boys were something special way back in 1997.

Both films contain rare footage of the band, classic performances, rare interviews, exclusive contribution from friends and colleagues, review and insight from journalists and the group's biographers, seldom-seen photographs and a host of other features.

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