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The Smiths: The Queen is Dead - A Classic Album Under Review
The Smiths: Under Review

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Catalogue Number: DVDIS031
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A grey shadow was cast across the British landscape during the 1980s as the political elite sought to condemn a nation from within; the atmosphere blackened with a foreboding sense of hopeless desperation. There was, however, "a light that never went out" when, in 1982, salvation came from young Manchester band The Smiths and a songwriting partnership between Steven Patrick Morrissey and John Martin Maher that would go on to rival the finest in their field. With Morrissey's poetry and poise bringing colour once more to his desolate hometown, soundtracked by the exquisite guitar playing of Johnny Marr, there was now a band to truly believe in. Their career was tragically short-lived, and just four albums later, in 1987, they acrimoniously split. Their legacy was already assured however, and to this day they remain one of the most iconic groups of all time.

At over three hours in length, The Smiths: Collector's Box is the ultimate visual celebration of this most glorious of bands. It tells the full story of The Smiths, charting their rise from Mancunian wannabes to highly respected rock-gentry. Meanwhile, it also looks at the impact and story of their defining third album The Queen is Dead, tracing every moment from its inception to its legacy. Featuring a wealth of rare band footage, as well as interviews with the members and those closest to them, plus commentary, criticism and review from an array of esteemed contributors, this set is the finest document on this group's career yet to emerge.

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