LECTURE BY MARY MORAN - GRANADOS, E.: Spanish Dance No. 5, "Playera"


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- (Disc 1)

12 Danzas espanolas (Spanish Dances), Op. 37

Playing Time: 00:26:31
Catalogue Number: GI-19

In this video taken from a live lecture in New York City, Mary Moran discusses the skills needed for a successful performance of this exciting, late intermediate piano piece. On the technical side, she explains:

- How to play grace notes
- Staccato technique in single notes and chords
- Legato and staccato leaps
- Grouping chords and octaves
- Interdependence of hands

She also discusses many of the physical skills required for a top-notch musical performance:

- Tonal balance
- Voicing chords
- Shaping the musical line
- Pedaling

Part 1

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