PROBLEM SOLVING IN ACTION - DEBUSSY, C.: Danse, "Tarentelle styrienne"


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- (Disc 1)

Debussy, Claude - Composer
Danse, "Tarentelle styrienne"

Playing Time: 00:19:33
Catalogue Number: GI-9

In each Problem Solving in Action video, Edna Golandsky teaches a student how to achieve breakthrough performance in playing a section of a piece in his or her repertoire. In this video, Golandsky analyzes a section of Debussy's Danse, "Tarentelle styrienne". Topics covered include:

- Diagnosing where the problem is
- Grouping by direction
- Left hand staccato: minimizing motion, talking about repeated chords, and letting notes send you
- Leaping in both hands

Part 1

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