VOICES OF OUR TIME, Vol. 5: Grace Bumbry (Classical Concert)

VOICES OF OUR TIME, Vol. 5: Grace Bumbry (Classical Concert)


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Playing Time: 01:47:19
Television Director: Greenberg, Rodney
Catalogue Number: GLW01731103

Grace Bumbry is universally acclaimed as one of the great musicians of our time. Her vocal versatility and dramatic instincts have made her an unparalleled singing actress, not only in opera, but in recital as well. Ms. Bumbry's talent was spotted by the legendary Lotte Lehmann (1888-1976), one of operas most-loved sopranos, famed for the radiance and warmth of her full-bodies voice. Bumbry was still in her teens when Lehmann took responsibility for her studies and helped launch her professional career. Her stunning operatic debut as Amneris in Paris in 1960 assured international fame.

Grace Bumbry's programme for this recital is a homage to Lotte Lehmann. It includes songs which she knows Lehmann would have like to hear her sing; pieces she worked on with her; particular favourites of her mentor; on ones by the composers she love best - Schumann, Schubert and Berlioz. Pianist Helmut Deutsch is her accompanist.

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