SCOTT-HERON, Gil: Live in Paris, 2001


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- (Disc 1)

Venue: New Morning, Paris
Date of Concert: 23-07-2001

Gil Scott-Heron: Live in Paris, 2001

Catalogue Number: INAK6465
UPC: 707787646574

Groove, according to legendary pianist Monty Alexander - a man who knows what it's all about - is "the irresistible inner movement of music" and, he insists, all beings "groove," even insects! Himself an engaging master of the the exuberant art of groove, Gil Scott-Heron developed an acute interest in African-American literature at the age of 13. Encouraged by writer Langston Hughes, one of the driving forces behind the Afro-centrism of the sixties, he put his first texts to music. He tried his hand at the keyboard in rock groups and published The Nigger Factory. His music and lyrics, part poetic, part political, which denounces the repressive violence exerted on African-Americans by society in the U.S., soon made him the cult hero of the elite of rap and hip-hop musicians throughout the world. To the delight of the New Morning public in 2001, this rebellious storyteller overcame many twists of fate to become, over the years, one of the greatest voices in the soul tradition.

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