SIBELIUS, J.: Luonnotar, Op. 70 (Segerstam)


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Sibelius, Jean - Composer
Luonnotar, Op. 70

Date of Concert: 2010
Playing Time: 00:38:00
Television Director: Hakola, Marikki
Catalogue Number: KROMA001

Luonnotar is a music film based on the symphonic poem composed by Jean Sibelius for soprano and symphony orchestra. The music composition is an interpretation of the first song of Kalevala, a myth about the birth of the world.

The film Luonnotar tells about "the time before beginning." The story conveys in a parallel manner two different creation stories: the Kalevalan mythology about the birth of the world is compared with naturalistic ideas about the birth of Earth and life.

The virtual stage, realized through computer animation, paints a spectrum of fierce natural powers, a convulsing scene where the mythical figures of the story travel, telling the story sung for thousands of years to new generations.

Sibelius modelled the Kalevala poetry to suit his modern music and for the soprano to sing.

Bonus feature:

- Sibelius and Luonnotar - the documentary Sibelius and Luonnotar (28 min.) shows the background of the symphonic poem via expert and musician interviews and concert recording.

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