CAMBODIA: Khmer Court Dance - Cambodia Royal Court Dances (Documentary, 1995)


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Khmer Court Dance: Cambodia Royal Court Dances (Documentary, 1995)

Playing Time: 01:14:17
Catalogue Number: MCM1004
UPC: 700929100040

A collection of five authentic dances in the Khmer court repertoire, performed in traditional costume by masters of these dances. The narration provides excellent historical background as introduction to each dance. The dances are filmed so that in each solo and group dance, the hands, feet, and body movements can be seen clearly.

The accompanying traditional music is performed by the Pinn Peat Ensemble, including instruments such as shawms, xylophones, gongs, barrel, drums, metallophone, and small cymbals.

An excellent introduction to the dances of the ancient royal court of Cambodia. The film was produced in conjunction with the Khmer Studies Institute California State University, Northridge.

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