GLUCK, C.W.: Orphee et Eurydice [Opera] (Theatre Musical de Paris, 2004)


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- (Disc 1)
Orphee et Eurydice

Venue: Theatre du Chatelet, Paris
Playing Time: 01:39:36
Catalogue Number: MID13245157

Gluck's 1762 opera Orphee et Eurydice was groundbreaking in its day and, as this 1999 performance from the Theatre Musical de Paris shows, it still lends itself to radical treatment. The composer's rejection of traditional, flamboyant, operatic bells and whistles led to a fresh form in which the lyrics hold court. The music provides the setting and emotional color in a way that is almost physical in its intensity. Gluck's readiness to incorporate the influences of other art forms - poetry, ballet, and drama - has always made this story of love rescued from the jaws of tragedy universally appealing.

Part 1

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