WHITE LION: Concert Anthology (1987-1991)


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White Lion - Concert Anthology 1987-1991

Catalogue Number: MVD5074DC
UPC: 760137507499

The pale kinds of New York City's concrete jungle, White Lion achieved multi platinum success with a solid combination of skilled songwriting, extraordinary musicianship and, of course, bombastic, thoroughly entertaining live concert performances. In an era where arena rock shows either threaten to scare the audience to death or, worse, bore them to tears, this vintage footage of White Lion should come as a breath of fresh air to those who remember the halcyon days of epic hard rock. Supervised and complied by vocalist Mike Tramp and featuring awesome performances of the band's best loved songs such as Wait, When the Chicken Cry, Tell Me and much more.

Concert Anthology shines the spotlight on the years when White Lion rules the pride with a roar every bit as biting as the crunch of Vito Bratta's signature guitar hooks. This is the real name attraction, White Lion LIVE!

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