SUN RA ARKESTRA: Points on a Space Age


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- (Disc 1)

Points on a Space Age
Allen, Marshall - Conductor
Asili, Ephraim - Television Director

Playing Time: 00:32:43
Catalogue Number: MVDV4774

Points on a Space Age explores the recent activity of the remaining members of the influential Sun Ra Arkestra since the passing of it's founder, Sun Ra.

The Arkestra is an experimental big band formed in the mid-1950s around the teachings of musician, philosopher and spiritualist Sun Ra. According to Sun Ra and his disciples, Sun Ra was sent to this planet to prepare human beings for a future centered around space travel, as well as the human capacity to evolve with the ever-changing demands of a highly technological world. Those in Sun Ra's band were not only band members, but also disciples, students and companions to their guru bandleader. All band members were required to learn the philosophy of Sun Ra, and many members lived with Sun Ra as well. It was common for the band to practice eight hours, only breaking for teachings, and then play gigs. The band continued in this manner for approximately thirty years, until Sun Ra "left the planet" in 1993.

After Sun Ra's passing, the direction of the band was left to his most faithful musician and companion, Marshall Allen, who has been a member of the band since the mid '50s. Under the direction of Allen, the Arkestra continues to maintain an active touring schedule and continues to recruit younger members into the Sun Ra lifestyle, a lifestyle committed to human development through the discipline of music and spirituality. Points on a Space Age uses an approach as experimental as the band and functions to give those who have already seen the Arkestra an opportunity to experience them yet again. And for those who have not seen them, this video offers some insight into one of the most influential bands of the 20th century.

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