PAGANINI, N.: Paganini's Daemon


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- (Disc 1)

Narrator: Barrett, Sean

Playing Time: 01:14:00
Catalogue Number: NUPEN024

This video contains a Christopher Nupen film about the most charismatic performer in the entire history of Western classical music EUR" also the most talked about, the most controversial, the most famous and the most successful classical soloist that the world of music has ever known.

The story is astonishing, exciting, wildly unusual and, at the end, deeply touching. It is one of the most extraordinary tales in the history of music and it is told with all the Nupen finesse and commitment that have won him DVD of the Year Award four times in the past six years.

In the recording, Christopher Nupen looks at the legend and the strange man who created it with his dazzling combination of technical brilliance, supreme showmanship, Italian melody and unbridled manipulative skill EUR" a man whose extraordinary personality unsettled even the most sophisticated and educated minds and provoked wildly contradictory opinions.

It presents Paganini's music, shot and edited in the style developed by Christopher Nupen and his colleagues for their prize winning DVDs about Sibelius, Schubert and Tchaikovsky and combines it with extracts from Paganini's letters and quotations from both his admirers and his many detractors.

Part 1

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