QUEEN: Complete Review, 1973-1991 (The)


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Queen: Under Review, 1973-1980
Queen: Under Review, 1980-1991

Year of Production: 2009
Playing Time: 03:06:15
Catalogue Number: PG2DVD123
UPC: 823564518893

It's close to 20 years since the tragic death of Freddie Mercury, meaning that Queen (at least the version that mattered) have been absent longer than they ever existed as the quite extraordinary group who made so much incredible music between 1973 and 1991.

This video looks again at every album and standout track Queen ever recorded and in doing so tells their fascinating story via their musical output.

Featuring contributions from friends and close colleagues of Queen, and with commentary and critique from the finest rock journalists in the world, plus much rare and classic footage - including seldom-seen performances of their finest tracks - news reports, location shoots, and photographs from private collections, this video will prove a delight to the millions of fans who to this day worship one of the very few rock groups to have earned the accolade of "truly great band."

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