IRON MAIDEN: The Future Has Come To Pass

IRON MAIDEN: The Future Has Come To Pass


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Iron Maiden: The Future Has Come To Pass

Year of Production: 2008
Playing Time: 03:52:10
Catalogue Number: PG2DVD151
UPC: 823564528793

They've been in the business almost 35 years and remain amongst the world's favourite rock bands, still selling out stadiums and scoring top 10 records regularly. But Iron Maiden's history has not been an easy journey; despite the group making their ongoing popularity appear effortless, blood, sweat and tears have all been shed in the band's passionate desire to remain at the top of their game for this incredible period.

This independent documentary collection reveals much previously unknown about Iron Maiden and its personnel. With the assistance of rare archival material, exclusive and vintage interviews, contributions from close collaborators, contempoaries and the finest rock journalists, plus seldom-seen footage and photographs, this video draws an accurate picture of what it has taken for this giant amongst rock bands to achieve so much over such a long time.

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