MASTERCLASS WITH MIRIAM FRIED - SIBELIUS, J.: Violin Concerto, Op. 47: I. Allegro moderato (violin and piano reduction)


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- (Disc 1)

Sibelius, Jean - Composer
Violin Concerto in D Minor, Op. 47

Lecturer/Violin: Fried, Miriam

Year of Production: Jan. 2012
Playing Time: 01:01:17
Catalogue Number: RSS10145_1

At the beginning of the masterclass, Miriam Fried focuses on vibrato explanations: speed, bow weight, intensity, connection between the notes.

The type of vibrato depends on what we want to express. Regarding the first movement of the violin concerto, Fried highlights the distant character of the start and other expressiveness issues. She also makes some corrections about dynamics, harmonic analysis, thematic contrast, sound quality and articulations, among others. To conclude, Professor Fried proposes a violin technique exercise to improve the bow technique and therefore the sound quality.

Part 1

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