MASTERCLASS WITH ZOLTAN KOCSIS - PROKOFIEV, S.: Piano Sonata No. 6, Op. 82: I. Allegro moderato


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- (Disc 1)

Piano Sonata No. 6 in A Major, Op. 82

Lecturer/Piano: Kocsis, Zoltan

Year of Production: Feb. 2007
Playing Time: 00:49:38
Catalogue Number: RSS10390_1

In this class, the professor explains how to show the melody and use less the pedal during the harmonic changes to avoid covering them. There are sections where the pedal is needed, but in others, there are different materials apart from the pedal than can also be used. It is also important to focus on the melody.

Kocsis mentions Prokofiev's orchestration with some examples and ponders aloud about the character, parts with new material, phrasing, tonality, sound and expression. He also talks about how there must be a balance between freedom and rigor.

In the end, the professor points out other aspects about different matters of the first movement of the Piano Sonata No. 6, such as articulation, motifs, dynamics and tempo.

Part 1

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