MASTERCLASS WITH FRANS HELMERSON - SCHUMANN, R.: 5 Pieces in Folk Style: No. 2. Langsam


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Schumann, Robert - Composer
5 Stucke im Volkston (5 Pieces in Folk Style), Op. 102 (version for cello and piano)

Lecturer/Cello: Helmerson, Frans

Year of Production: July 2005
Playing Time: 00:22:07
Catalogue Number: RSS12775_2

Frans Helmerson talks about the work as a whole - it is necessary to identify folk elements from every movement (rhythms, articulations, accents, etc.): sophistication without losing its popular character.

The vibrato is too intense for the sound of this piece (the required character is more tender). Indications about agogics: keep the same pulse and do not take breaks that do not exist. Bow technique: both hands must change their character at the same time, with a deeper bow (more contact) and projection in last notes. Specific corrections on fingerings.

In a movement such as this, an expressive person like the student must distance himself to avoid being too carried along (expressiveness is there by itself).

Digression about the work in general: it is like a Brothers Grimm's tale (it experiences mood swings, going from the nicest fairy tale to the cruelest nightmare).

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