MASTERCLASS WITH FRANS HELMERSON - SCHUMANN, R.: 5 Pieces in Folk Style: No. 3. Nicht schnell


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Schumann, Robert - Composer
5 Stucke im Volkston (5 Pieces in Folk Style), Op. 102 (version for cello and piano)

Lecturer/Cello: Helmerson, Frans

Year of Production: July 2005
Playing Time: 00:16:54
Catalogue Number: RSS12775_3

In this masterclass, most of the indications and corrections are focused on the character and its technical implications, such as the character of the piece regarding the bowings.

There are other comments: explanations about expressiveness (do not relax the tension in the expressive passages) and syncopation -in ancient music it is anticipated (folk music comes from ancient traditions); general corrections on accents, contrasts of character and phrasing (responding to the excitement of the passage); double pitches, which require a breach from the previous music (two different worlds).

It is very advisable to enjoy the interchange between rotation harmonic and no harmonics pitches, as well as to remove the habit of lengthening the end of a line; vibrato must be kept until the next note.

Part 1

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