MASTERCLASS WITH WIES DE BOEVE - VANHAL, J.B.: Double Bass Concerto in D Major: I. Allegro moderato (double bass and piano reduction)


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- (Disc 1)

Lecturer/Double bass: de Boeve, Wies

Year of Production: Feb. 2018
Playing Time: 00:43:17
Catalogue Number: RSS15212_1

The masterclass is focused on the quality of sound and the professor insists on the suitability to look up the manuscript and see the annotations on octaves in a certain passage, among others. There are a lot of corrections on the score referred to different articulations - Wies de Bouve compares a passage with another similar by Dittersdorff, use of original bowing, melodic leaps and expressivity.

The resonance of the strings and the chords is essential in this music, and the key to achieve this resonance is to create a "resounding" character. The professor makes a comparison between how a violinist plays and how the character is in certain moments. He also works on the movements and bow speed as well as the contact point in concrete passages.

Part 1

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