MASTERCLASS WITH WIES DE BOEVE - SCHUBERT, F.: Arpeggione Sonata, D. 821: I. Allegro moderato (arr. for double bass and piano)


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- (Disc 1)

Schubert, Franz - Composer
Arpeggione Sonata in A Minor, D. 821 (arr. for double bass and piano)

Lecturer/Double bass: de Boeve, Wies

Year of Production: Feb. 2018
Playing Time: 00:43:07
Catalogue Number: RSS15219_1

The general idea after the student's performance is to play more fluent - the flow always goes ahead- and the professor advises him to always follow the original manuscript. The professor gives indications about phrasing and articulation, about string crossing and shifting, and corrects the bow inclination - with a more circular movement of the arm.

Other corrections are dynamics, pitch duration, character, agogics, ornamentation, contact point with the string, and softer pizziccati - round position of the fingers. Moreover, the professor proposes the student to work on the bass register and points out the harmony that contributes to create a character of 'dramatic surprise' in a certain passage.

Part 1

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