MASTERCLASS WITH WIES DE BOEVE - MENDELSSOHN, Felix: Lied ohne Worte, Op. 109 (arr. for double bass and piano)


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- (Disc 1)

Lied ohne Worte (Song without Words), Op. 109, MWV Q34 (arr. for double bass and piano)

Lecturer/Double bass: de Boeve, Wies

Year of Production: Feb. 2018
Playing Time: 00:45:18
Catalogue Number: RSS15221_1

The professor mentions some aspects related to phrasing, dynamics, articulation in legato, etc.

Bow changes should be prepared before in a relaxed way and without strong breathing stops to avoid sound interruptions. The character has to be appassionato and, in a certain passage, it is advisable the use of a different string to get better sound. He also makes some comments about fingerings, tuning and bow direction, distribution, speed, and quantity.

Finally, the professor works on shifts in detail, giving some advices and indications for a better practice.

Part 1

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