MASTERCLASS WITH LEIGH MELROSE - ROSSINI, G.: Sigismondo, Act I: Oggetto amabile [Opera]


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- (Disc 1)

Year of Production: May 2018
Playing Time: 00:34:50
Catalogue Number: RSS15588_2

For this Cavatina, they mainly work on breathing and phrasing issues. Professor Melrose also makes some corrections on dynamics, pronunciation, expressiveness and staging regarding the libretto. It is necessary keep the energy and the breath as steady as possible to ensure that the music flows.

Afterwards, they work on the role portrayal and the Professor corrects the air emission at the beginning of the song. Additionally, they go over the climax of the Cavatina so that the student gathers all the energy needed in this part - according to the Professor, to achieve this the student should take more time to prepare the moment and should also take a deeper breath.

Part 1

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