MASTERCLASS WITH LEIGH MELROSE - PUCCINI, G.: Edgar, Act I: Questo amor, vergogna mia [Opera]


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- (Disc 1)

Bass-Baritone: Alcantara, German

Year of Production: May 2018
Playing Time: 00:28:39
Catalogue Number: RSS15592_1

First, they talk about the story line for of this opera and its expressive implications. The simplest is always the best. Afterwards, Professor Melrose makes some comments on phrasing regarding the lyrics, and he recommends the student to bear these thoughts in mind in order to activate the specific feeling.

He then highlights the importance of some moments according to the tension implied in the text: it is necessary to keep the tension with the public in order to maintain the interest.

Professor Melrose also thinks that the intensity mainly depends on the way we feel the words, rather than on the volume, which means that it is important to sing with a special color. Moreoer, Professor Melrose advises not to sing "like a singer" but like a "normal human being".

Part 1

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