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- (Disc 1)

Lecturer/Horn: Clevenger, Dale

Year of Production: Oct. 2007
Playing Time: 00:40:08
Catalogue Number: RSS3848_1

Professor Clevenger sincerely congratulates the student for her performance and talks about the two main aspects to work on: emphasize and colors. He also makes corrections on duration - short notes have to be clearer - and rhythm - in transitions when a passage in different style comes, rhythmical changes must be heard clearly.

There are several ways to perform a passage, the key is to be able to do it in any way we choose. Clevenger identifies a certain quote of Respighi's Feste Romane in Bozza. This piece is somehow like a study in relation to articulation, as it works on many sorts of accents systematically.

Professor explains how to distribute time delay in a regular ritardando of a passage and the ways to work on. In a fragment that reminds Gregorian Chant, Clevenger talks about character and mood and the way to study legato in pianissimo. Finally, he comments that each note must be played with all its duration, not to cut earlier.

Part 1

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