MASTERCLASS WITH WILLIAM BENNETT - TAFFANEL, P.: Fantaisie on themes from Der Freischutz by C.M. von Weber (Part 1)


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- (Disc 1)

Taffanel, Paul - Composer
Fantaisie on themes from Der Freischutz by C.M. von Weber

Year of Production: March 2010
Playing Time: 00:30:00
Catalogue Number: RSS5004_1

At the beginning, Professor Bennett talks about Der Freischutz plot. Taffanel took into account the Agatha's aria to compose this piece. It is very important the rhythm in piano part because it is the devil who comes. They work on phrasing and the relation with the breathing. The articulation and the dynamics are very important to get a good phrasing.

Bennett tells the student an anecdote of his biography. In virtuosic passages, the notes are not as in Debussy's music, but clearer and articulated. He also explains the use of the vibrato and clarifies the most important notes in some phrases. After a long note, it is not necessary to remark the following sound. One passage in the piece leads to practice a specific exercise to improve the vibrato and the sound balance: Bennett recommends to practice the book De la Sonorite by Marcel Moyse. Professor Bennett insists on keeping the tempo, without speeding up.

Part 1

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