MASTERCLASS WITH WILLIAM BENNETT - TAFFANEL, P.: Fantaisie on themes from Der Freischutz by C.M. von Weber (Part 2)


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Taffanel, Paul - Composer
Fantaisie on themes from Der Freischutz by C.M. von Weber

Lecturer/Flute: Bennett, William

Year of Production: March 2010
Playing Time: 00:45:29
Catalogue Number: RSS5004_2

In this second part of the class, Bennett talks about the story of this opera, so the character of the piece should respond to the feelings contained at this moment of the drama. In a calm passage, the character has to avoid any stress, the sound should be very basic, not stop dreaming. It is also important the complete accuracy of the notes in the score. Bennett and the student work on phrasing and breathing, articulation and accents, rhythm and dynamics, use of the tongue and tuning. He also gives some indications to piano part.

Bennett explains to the student the problems she has in the embouchure to go from loud to soft, or from soft to softer, maybe it is a problem of the chin position.

At the end, Professor Bennett makes reference to the Melodic Studies by Marcel Moyse, in relation to sound balance. As examples, he plays some fragments from Fantaisie sur Der Freischutz by Weber, Faure's Fantasy, Manha de Carnaval by Bonfa and Voi che sapete by Mozart.

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