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- (Disc 1)

Lecturer/Flute: Bennett, William

Year of Production: March 2010
Playing Time: 01:11:29
Catalogue Number: RSS5020_2

At the beginning of the masterclass, Prof. Bennett mentions that Jacques Ibert wrote this piece to Marcel Moyse, and he tells a story about how they met in a party and how the process of the creation of the composition happened. He mentions also the difficulty of the scale's passages and a recording he listened to with a special type of flute, and he talks about the differences on extension, holes, tuning, way to play it. Then, William Bennett makes a brief harmonic analysis and a reflection on certain scales for the piece.

Regarding the student's performance, the professor specially corrects the phrasing, among other musical aspects such as vibrato, character, tempo or accents. He gives her some indications on the attack to get a more appropriate performance.

Afterwards, they focus on the sonority and the way to obtain better colors and tuning. He advises keeping the mouth and lips position without moving so she could tune some notes better. Bennett makes also suggestions on fingerings, articulation, character (flamenco style), etc. To conclude, they work on the final part and the professor talks about the recorded version from Moyse, which doesn't include the low note at the very end.

Part 1

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