MASTERCLASS WITH RERI GRIST - DELIBES, L.: Lakme, Act II: Ah! Ou va la jeune hindoue, "Bell Song" [Opera]


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- (Disc 1)

Delibes, Leo - Composer

Lecturer/Soprano: Grist, Reri

Year of Production: April 2010
Playing Time: 00:21:51
Catalogue Number: RSS5264_2

At the beginning of the masterclass, Professor Grist asks the student about the context in which Lakme is singing this aria, and she tells a personal story. They then talk about the character of this piece and they work on the beginning, just considering the resonance from the piano. Repetitions must be like an echo, so they must sound more piano but without cutting this sound. Besides, Reri Grist gives some indications about phrasing, performance, tuning, voice projection, trills among others. Finally, she points out that certain passage should be sung like small bells.

Part 1

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